Crowdfunding services

Our network of talented partners are ready to help you create the best crowdfunding campaign possible and supercharge your chances of success.

They can help with everything from developing your pitch deck to shooting your campaign video.

We’ve hand-picked the teams below based on the wonderful work they’ve done with members of our Funded Club.

Meet our campaign support partners

If you’d like additional support, our campaign support partners can be with you every step of the way. They cover all bases from strategy through to execution. Find out more about them in the quick videos below.

All crowdfunding services

Our carefully selected partners can provide a range of services to help build and launch your campaign.

Please note: we do not take an upfront fee to promote these services, we have partnered with them based on previous work they’ve done with members of our Funded Community. You engage directly with these businesses and we aren't involved in that arrangement, so we do not take any responsibility or any liability for the products or services that you buy from them. If you have any feedback on our partners outlined above, you can let us know by emailing [email protected].